Clinical Supervision

Clinical Supervision

There are several structural challenges facing the profession of speech pathologists as it grapples with the demands of successful AAC provision. One is the lack of academic focus, within undergraduate study topics, on this narrow, specialised area. Another is the dynamic nature of staff movement between jobs & organisations, along with the proportion of part-time therapists. Finally, the AAC industry itself is constantly in flux as new technologies are adopted & adapted.

Liberator’s Clinicians are qualified to address these issues by way of offering supervision, guidance & mentoring to both organisations involved in AAC & individual speech pathologists in the field.

Supervision ‘is a lifelong process of professional critique and learning’. (Daves and Beddo 2010) 

Speech Pathology Australia encourages therapists to engage in lifelong learning to improve clinical skills resulting in better outcomes for our clients. Formal supervision can be one strategy utilised to support continued clinical development. 

Why access supervision from Liberator? 

Liberator has assembled an outstanding team of speech pathologists who are experienced to conduct clinical supervision in the specific area of Augmentative & Alternative Communication Liberator therapists have experience providing supervision within the government and not for profit sector. They are familiar with a range of supervision tools and techniques and have utilised these in their workplace.  

The team has access to a wealth of practical tools and education resources through staff & associates of the Prentke Romich family of companies including PRC, Saltillo, Liberator Ltd (UK) & PRD (Germany). Liberator’s Australian staff has trained under some of America’s leading AAC exponents including Gail Van Tatenhove, Dr Katya Hill, John Halloran, Bruce Baker, Tracy Kovach, & Russell Cross.

What can we provide? 

Packages can be purchased and/or tailor made to suit your needs. Some people prefer to think about individual clients and discuss these during supervision with clinical issues whereas others prefer a more formal structure. Whether you are an individual clinician, or an organisation wanting to upskill new recruits, Liberator will be able to accommodate your needs. Our joint ambition is to simply strengthen the quality & effectiveness of AAC throughout Australia.

We have modules available to help develop your skills in AAC assessment, implementation and documentation (including prescription, reviews and advocacy). These modules typically contain the following information:

  • Research evidence
  • Practical activities to try in sessions e.g. games to try 
  • Implementation resources e.g. picture cards, low tech boards  
  • Templates e.g. data sheets

You can choose a bespoke supervision package to suit your individual needs; factoring in consideration of your available time, funding situation and depth of topics required. 

Please contact Ash on 0450 508 290 or at [email protected] to begin a conversation about supervision support.


Daves and Beddo, 2010. Best Practice in Professional Supervision. Jessica Kingsley Publishers. 

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