AAC is a highly specialised field where Language & Technology intersect to create communication pathways & opportunities for people who are non-verbal. Before anyone can assist in the process it is vital they understand the fundamentals & can apply sound, well-established principles. Only informed people can exercise informed-choice.

Before you dive in, check out the great new website This website will provide an excellent grounding in all AAC fundamentals.

Liberator views a language-based approach as being integral to its Mission. Having a range of AAC systems that were developed specifically according to linguistic principles strengthens the toolkit we can provide you with to get the job done: enabling the generation of language in an independent, spontaneous, novel manner.


Augmentative Alternative Communication is Liberator’s supreme focus. Quite simply, we do nothing else. However complex, the communication challenge, Liberator staff has the proven ability to get results. Establishing a foundation of knowledge assists everyone involved in the process of giving an expressive voice to non-verbal people.
Often the biggest issues faced by AAC teams is the accessibility of technology. An understanding of what is available & what is practically possible is vital to all stakeholders. Successful AAC is not solely about selecting the best technology, although careful consideration can certainly improve outcomes.
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