AAC Awareness Month - 50% off AAC Apps

AAC Awareness Month - 50% off AAC Apps

Enjoy 50% off PRC-Saltillo’s TouchChat®, LAMP Words for Life®, and Dialogue® AAC apps during the Biggest AAC App Sale of the Year!

Mark your calendar for October 11-17, 2023. Do not miss this awesome opportunity during AAC Awareness Month to pay half price for a whole lot of powerful communication! These industry-favorite apps bring AAC to your own iOS device. Keep reading to see which one best meets your unique needs.



Widely acclaimed TouchChat is the exclusive home to WordPower® on an iOS AAC app and is fully customizable with a wide range of vocabularies, languages, and voices. TouchChat is designed for those with autism, Down Syndrome, ALS, apraxia, stroke, and other conditions that affect a person’s ability to use natural speech.

Try TouchChat FREE before the big sale with TouchChat Discover

You'll have full access to everything our popular app has to offer, giving you valuable time to evaluate if it's the right solution for you. During the October 11-17 sale, upgrade to your favorite TouchChat app (HD - Lite, HD - AAC, HD w/ WordPower®) with an in-app purchase.


LAMP Words For Life

The LAMP Words for Life app is designed to meet the communication needs of children with autism and other developmental disabilities. This renowned, motor-planning-focused language system is structured for early success and allows the individual's vocabulary and communication skills to grow. This app is available in English and Spanish/English.


Dialogue AAC

Dialogue AAC is designed for literate individuals who require AAC (augmentative and alternative communication). Based around a keyboard, word prediction, and quick phrases, Dialogue AAC offers intuitive programming, a variety of access methods, and free integration of a personalized voice and message banking. This iOS app, available in English and Spanish, features the Essence® Vocabulary System.


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