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New Liberator Accent devices include a full version of Timocco

We are excited to announce that every new Liberator Accent device includes a full version of Timocco-on-Accent.

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New Feature

‘Pop-up Speech’ – A Transition to Literacy tool

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Finally, the planet’s premier AAC event has landed in Australia. Liberator staff will be presenting, as will many device users who rely upon the company’s products.

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LAMP Workshops September

Liberator is excited to announce two  Workshops this September, in Melbourne and Sydney.  This event is appropriate for anyone who is interested in learning more about LAMP.

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New Website

Welcome one & all to Liberator’s brand-new website! You’ve probably noticed the striking new logo in blue, turquoise & green. This matches our parent company PRC, & Liberator in the UK.

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Device Users

Liberator would like to extend a hearty thank you to all of our device users who volunteered to be a part of the new website. 

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New Staff

Liberator now has more staff to help you get the job done. 

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Therapy Services

Coinciding with the new website launch is Liberator expanding its services into the area of direct therapy.

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Freight & Warranty

In an effort to provide what is really required in the new NDIS environment, Liberator has decided to blend in 2 major improvements into its service level.

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